Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Yielling in the desert or art against depression?

I just read a post in a blog I follow since a longtime...and I worry about what I read. I won't tell the name of the person...but she doubt about her accuracy in the world...due to depression. I have got depression early in my life...I fight sometimes...to not let it back...I feel myself very sensitive and I hate sensitivity which is not easy to tell others how you feel without beeing judge...when I got my first depression time... I react by writting poetry....now I try to express myself by any mean and don't want to let bad feelings invading my mind...

(I want warm your heart even I don't know you... really...I know you'll read this... noway to answer just read my post that will make me happy to share with u )

People think they know me but I don't want to let them discover the real me...I act without saying nothing. I can hide bad feelings...sadness anxiousness...so..i just want to tell sensitive people like me...that...they have place...in the world... Never give up things you love the most and that let you be better or happier!

I dedicate also that post to my BBF sam.... I love you my sis'


  1. Thank you for stopping by, for your words... it meant the world to me.

    1. happy to give you my words... :) to fight against depression! We have to struggle with life...but sometimes we have to find someone who can understand...I personally get good friends....that ever help me :) to be better

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  3. I feel very thankful for your existence.. really.

  4. hi ... found you in google when I added a little texture under art against depression. still not sure if it is work. it does work for me. I get in a calm and wide mood when expressing on some papers.