Friday, 5 July 2013

Holi-days :) sacred vacation :D

New I feel all in holidays I transport myself on Miami beach...just shut my eyes...and wup direction US...having trip... so coconut and a long drink...(I personnaly prefer Mojito) but...I draw a curaƧao ^^ LOL using Lyra brush-pencils :) the real picture come asap... my student is on the room she is also a korean friend of mine preparing a french exam so... :) we get now a break...and we are talking...about french state exam like the A-level in the high school and of the history of her korean handy which has past a few time in water.

I have good news of a friend, she got a better mood and want to fight again. I really love comforting others when its necessary as I know that myself just an attention can be really comforting! My friends care of me...and I know that is important! 

(my introvert friend :) so happy you get better :) I feel your roaming and fighting spirit... :) from France ^^)

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