Sunday, 30 June 2013

Painting words and co

I do that work 
because sometimes I don't feel acurate
in this world as woman 
(only sometimes when I get blues)

Blogging, reading posts of the others
just remind me that I love my oldest friends

Some complain about their age
one told me the right thing 
don't care of the age
only of what your really are inside

I think that creativity is a part of the inside beauty
Art is beauty
Art come from creativity
People can't define your inner strengths
when they check your look  

Looking after the perfect body
or looking someone with judgement is ridiculous
we are all getting old one day!

I get enough of those who can't see the inside strengths
of the others what they are what they realize they are not superficial at all

Artists are sensitive and love checking the beauty of the things they see!

To you lly 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Little message to youuuuu reader!

SOC 3rd round my 2nd participation :)

My work to the 3rd week of SOC :). I was inspiring by the Iris I saw on internet but I drew an orchedea. So tools of the week Lyra pencil brush to lemon and a stabilo pen68 basic to the purple  that I use like my Lyra brush... and I happy of the result!

So are you too? Let me a comment yea!

Guess what!

week 3: just look at your environnement

I was surprising of the color duet of this week and I seached how to do something great. I only look at my desk and saw the gift of one of my students and friend which is purple and I have had a green limon pencil case. I don't think its creative maybe I will have time to do something different but...I am on my way...maybe this evening. For instance I just let you see the combination of green-purple  on the picture.

What will I choose to my week three?

I just guess myself what tools using to make the 3rd week challenge....hemm guessing guessing guessing....what is the best to work...watercolor...or ? I hope I can do this week a better and finer work
the color inspire me better.

By the way I want to thank people who are letting comment thanks a lot...! That let me be happy to discover your work by the way.

@Kristyn: I have fun with your challenge and that I will work the whole july where I am in hollidays will have work in perspective !!

Before the way we draw we know us better !

have a good day and week !

My work will come!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Thought of friday : I am not a pessimist !

 (SOC's colors week2 ^^)

Read articles about frenchies fellows who are worried about their way to compete as part of a globalization.
By results in class, they already show their reluctance to learn in general. THE NO FUTUR class is now surpassed by another one the leisure class, having fun all time drinking partying all week and weekend ...

Personally I am from "an old generation" and I feel plaisure in what I do to the others. The way to transmit the art you possess make you happy...more than receiving or doing things without meaning. I try to stay competitive  and the way to be competitivite is to be open to the world, having experience abroad and my job will let me travel a lot over world (beeing single right now let me say that maybe the futur will be different)...but want to settle first in EUROPE more precisely in Germany.

 SO I guess myself why I am not pessimist like my felows from FRANCE x) maybe because...I were going through bad things earlier...then now I want to let me life feel alive and to let the people around me finding... joy hapiness and  power to fight!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Inspiration comes from ours creativity

As I read the last comment of a friend on her blog saying...keep doing art! I was specially touched by her message... (LLY THKS A LOT!)

I just guess...why talking about cliché can be for some reasons not good to some people. I am personnally a futur french teacher for foreigners...abroad...I know exactly the problem. Facing for a lot of reason the endless kidding about frenchies...their habits and so On. So decided to speak with my pencils about one of the cliché I heard the most...why are you not loving so much english? What did you prefer going in Germany?
Why do you choose an hard language as german?

My next drawing will talk about that...I promise to tell the truth about what I am feeling inside what the word cliché can mean to me...what is the real meaning of this behavior...and why people could not stop to do one image I will try DOUBLE challenge... ^^ soc and mine...

Don't worry if my projects hurt you just let me know it right I don't want to hurt anyone...and keep a good understanding of eachother will stay my priority.

For instance I need the creativity of everyone...even you are not agree with me ;)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New banner!

As I ever do will come the new banners ...full of color and also of tools enjoy it !

Starting a challenge of color !

I want to thank to her challenge

I wanted to take part of an art challenge that is okay :) I don't care if i win the prize I am more interesting by creativity as winning something btw poetry and drawing I can't choose...all things are part of my life I am a multitasking artist :)

So let me introduce my work specially based about clichés we get btw US and France...we call NY the big appel...when people say to me you don't visit US NY and so on...I reply that I come from the romantic land that can exist in EUROPE i.e France we've Paris and Eiffel Tower, we get wine...we get museum of have nothing against US and NY but...just saying it isn't a problem if you don't get there ...there are so much contries to the world...I am not worried to not knowing NY... I want to visit California or Miami ^^ I add my work

In such way surrealistic Magritt paintings but I didn't think about just paint and needed a backgroundcolor black happen pain got a failure...otherweise to the tools my dearest LYRA pencils (work also like watercolorpencils )

SO happy to take part of the week 2 of the challenge :) I hope I can have more experience with this adventure!

ps: thank you to lly :) to get me the opportunity to enlarge my creativity :)

Starting now!

Hi all,
thank you following me yeeah.

The french me will be please to release its secret work...i write a lot but I discover the joy of drawing when I was 3...then about 23 years ago and I want to submit my work to you. I don't find myself acurate as drawer or painter I just do it like a hobby, distracting me of the boring life and make me near to my mum in a way.

I participate at that time to a worldwide project launch by
and I do the challenge happily due to the challenge of color. I am myself more expressive with color than in drawing....

I was inspire by a US friend...I followed now since ... a longtime...and I say me that I will share with her a lot as she do almost because she do such an artwork.
(thank you to your support LLY :)!!)

I will add the logo of the challenge as soon as I finish the post and will let you see my work of the week :).
(my work is talking about US-French relations...I guess why we talk about capital instead of the whole land NY-Paris challenge pink-orange...lets see yeah^^)

See u yeah!