Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bugs and Tummy

hi all,

to those who guess about my tummy, I get now better... ;) even I get stress I manage it better...
otherweise...I will be in holidays next week so... no posts till I come back I will you saying that :) I will be on countryside by friend but don't hesitate comment my page right I will moderate it when I will be back :) Picturize in perspective...painting maybe with one friend getting the privilege to sunbath and to swim in their swiming pool maybe also seeing seaside :)

but tomorrow I will do my SOC work :) I just guess which color combo we'll get
to today here is my last pictures and the one with flying bugs was not made on purpose... I was very surprise lol...the lotus and the bridge where taken last family was taking a picnic outside we prepare the caravan and though we eat local made rillette and paté yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiii ;)

and the sunlight :)

Happy sunday all!!


  1. Lovely photos - it looks like a wonderful and peaceful place. I love the little ladybug! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you have a good holiday.

  2. Stomach bugs is no fun :( Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  3. IA: I try to keep balance even I get stress otherwise...all my projects will be stopped and some are really important to me like living in Germany

    Diana: :) you're welcome :)