Thursday, 8 August 2013

New creation to Little me project

As I didn't want to watch TV too much I took my water color set and my Lyra pencils and I drew on a restaurant with a coffee. I felt bad but waiters and waitresses looked at me as I know everyone in the place. None asked me what I did but only check when they delivered orders outside. I have to do it again.

I worked about my Little me ™ project and I created a new character Theo.
I hope you'll love it :-) I love cool dude skaters or snowboarders ot surfersas we can find in US.

I also check a blog of a friend she said she feared to do things sometimes ...I feel person all very stressed and get too much fears.... I go outside my land a whole year without family.... I fear to make my life on my own and I remember what went wrong during my last trip to Germany I have to be self assured and currently I am not. I feel me without values, without qualities and its hard to deal with that destroying thoughts. Nevertheless, I will probably have had new experiences and new friendship...specially with my roommate :-) Andrea.
I fear loosing someone I love I won't do the mistake to not get tears...I did it one time and that destroyed me after that I won't hide my feelings again to be alive.

Dedication to IA : I feel like you fearing things...but I get the courage to face all what let me be uncomfortable I hope you try to do that to. As a hiding person only reading your blog...and to me you are not so hidden...weird???!

I also want to give a huge hug to my ayuuuu i miss you in hope you can meet me in Hamburg!!!