welcome on my blog

Here is my blog dedicate to art of all kinds. I am interesting by all art and any means of creation. It is not my first blog but I get fun with this one specially created to an event called summer of color 2013. It is a challenge coming from US and initiated by Kristin (twinkle twinkle like a star blog) I found that on the blog of a US artist I follow since a longtime :-) . I take part of this without ambition only to have fun and I really get some!

Otherwise about me I am the "little frenchy" , getting some interest about art and languages...I am a kind of multitasking woman... I love traveling so next step would be the harbor of Hamburg, Germany to work in a language school to teach my mother tongue and to work as secretary (yeas first High Education diploma was a professional one) . I am also multilingual lol specially German English and Italian little bit Spanish.
I hope you'll get fun here as I get some too!

Thank you to come here, comment if you want :)

I want to finish by a quote of Leonardo da Vinci (he died in the region where I live!)

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." Leonardo da Vinci

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