Monday, 8 July 2013

Love is...

I dunno about love only that ...I don't like men behave as if I am an object that let me crazy...I become an old woman.....getting old let discover what you expect from your futur I don't really care if ...beeing single is weird... toward attitude we can find the right one... :)

My lyra pencils are on the left corner its brush and pencils at the same time watercolor is made possible...
that is my favorite tool, otherweise I also use my watercolor set but...I am not a master... or cray from Germany ...I try to do like my mum...Mum master watercolor  since she is young almost like other blog-friends... (ever seen her with a set and some paper as child)... I am sure...learning take time...
I am more a global artist, I love being multitasking not only in art...and I prefer Picasso Dali or Miro painting or drawing (they are all from Spain ^^)

By the way simply enjoying a good talk with mum (she is now in holidays) to the breakfast was decreasing my stomachache nor today.... that is really hurtful -.- I will do with all day long as far as I can...

Have a good day and a huge week all!

The SOC combo rock this week red let me think about love...I hope you can also find inspiration


  1. Great sentiment, looks cool, very conceptual :)

  2. That's a brilliant page!. LOVE!

  3. thank to your comment ...this time that was like a concept...I have some in mind... I have some little things to mind is so full of ideas but with this sun its more...harder to stay home
    I enjoy an afternoon in a garden helping a friend to prepare her exams :) so soory to the late reply

  4. This is a wonderful page. I agree about attitude. Really perfect use of the colors, too.

  5. Pretty cool I must say. Love your page. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thnks to your challenge I have fun :) !

  7. Your message and artwork are bright and inspiring.

    1. :') it is just what I feel inside :) :)

      (you are mastering art :') better than me :) ...but paintings drawings writting and all the others part of art are like a diamond :)

  8. I love your page and the message behind it! I hope your tummy is feeling better, too!

  9. I hope you are feeling better now!! :)