Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lack of paper not of creation

Yesterday, I check my paper's pile and oh god I just get 6 sheets :/ what that I really want to create something but ....without paper no drawings or paintings I gotta wait till tuesday .... :/ I want to spare 2 sheets to the combo color of monday SOCS challenge.... As I saw the idea of mixing color and words work pretty well... :) so I will go ahead to give you words over colors... I hope it will be a good combo...which can also give me idea to write :) also you viewers can be a source of inspiration :)

So a few words

Relieve your sorrows 
By the power to express yourself in Art

God give us Art 
To balance our life
Because He is The perfect artist

By the way to my muslims friends have good ramandhan or puasa all !

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