Sunday, 27 March 2016

small card creation

Daley and Rooney watercolor and black sakura penbrush :) canson paper A5 sized 

I thank my mum that gave me at an early age pencils <3

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The real Alice meet those of Mr Caroll

Me and my work I ever love the character of Alice in Lewis Caroll book. It is a kind of tribute to all the Alice I know and also to my grand-grand ma called Alice. I have as second name a variation from south europe (Spain-Italy-South France). I have try to let appear important characters -the most important to me as far as I remember the anime and the book.

I used Daley and Rooney watercolor.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Surprise surprise

That surprise made my day yesterday! Thanks a lot to Kristin from Soc!
I got the package my mum gave it to me saying arriving! I was so happy!!

That was a pause in a stressfull days pencils will be in use ...I have to get some sheets of paper in dalbe shop, the new watercolor set will wait...snif

Here are some pictures ♥

I needed some new awww 

Congrats Ann B-) 

Oh my god a special eraser here it is expansive ...kneaded one

Us shipping my first one uhh

 I will experience mix-media soon or later...I have to find one draft book!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

soc 4 nerd house and co

I'm nerd currently don't want to see anyone ! The combo colors of this week to SOC reflect all what I feel strongly feel. Pain anger... Well bad feelings :-( ...I accept that like a common fact as I am highly sensitive or hypersensitive.

I try to be creative forgetting all have to do and which are my burdens !

I imagine a rainy day  I have to be back home the threshold is wett ...I run...I am in uff got some rain...I hate my glasses full of drops . That is what I imagine with the color of this week.

"I wanna go through the storm till the doorway push the door and go inside "

Sia-dressed in black

I was hoping there was more then you walked in the door for me
Yeah, I was hiding and you let the light in and now I see
As a jewel for the wounded, what they couldn't see till you set them free
Like a butterfly kissing a child with an eye for the mind of a key

Friday, 4 July 2014

soc work 4 remind me the simple things okay this Week i dont feel well lacking oft energy and positivity #sight
But i archived to work with the colors for this week.

So food post card.... I used to eat Melon and cherries (I love fresh cherries...god ...why did you create this hihi :-D)

So all in Daley roney watercolor :-)