Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tab and co first work

I got tablet so I design this with a drawing app I hope you'll love it... I can't sleep because of our national day some makes fireworks outside

Somone told me that my first little me ™ that seems to be like doug cartoon? Are you agree? Lol I draw that without purppose just to get fun and that will continue to exist I just think of making a concept of it to you all viewers

By the way nor comments came on my blog I just want to say thank you to your appreciation, comments and helpful care I need all of you!!!


  1. Patti Mayonnaise, but your version :)

  2. hihi :) similar yeas :) with dough you remind me such good time :D and patti x) i didn't remember of these cartoons but google it and then :D i understood what you say

    yep I really work hard after that to do better but this one is the best :D it is not easy to work with my own fingers (even they are small tactil screen not easy to use but I love this technology) lol I prefer paper and tools :D

    (by the way did you fix your fbaccount?)