Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ush ush Heat Art and Gardening :D

Waking up late today...It will be a hot day that is not really good but..this week we welcome in my town the tour de France (bike race...which is 100 years now) thrusday and friday so I can't go anywhere no bus no way to walk by this heat!

Otherweise I just pretend to be an artist but I have no ambition ALL YOUR COMMENTS make me go ahead like "the furious me" when I get encouraging thoughts...mum yiell that I am in computer too much she is right...but...I ever love to have a lot to do SOC give me the opportunity to create and to balance stress :)

So I want to introduce some flowers I get home thanks to my mum

Cactus flowers : RED SOC color

Orchidea :)

strawberrry flowers on my balcony (already get 4 straberries in preparation...huurrrray a yummi time in perspective :)!)...and I will take care of tomatoes :) hihi I have no garden but...just on my balcony all grow up and it is fantastic to me to care about nature!

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