Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Personal expression

Yesterday I needed to express myself. I think that is better to get Little drawings which all together are complex and can be interpreted as you -watcher- want :-).
I love personally love drawing eyes eyes are the window of the soul and I personnaly can't loose my eyes there are precious to me I fear to loose my eyes it's crazy!

I feel frustrated to loose friends but I get back my fighting spirit! :-)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Sadness boosting creativity?

Since last week I struggle with a short depression and of lack of sleep (with heat that was hard)...all friends say to me hold on you can do it you are good friend...but yesterday evening  I try to paint a few but all that I could do reflect sadness and my inner sensitivity I ever hide this to people ..I am really  so but I can't cheat with Art...I fear people misunderstand me  or criticize me it is coming from teens time I can't earase all of that past...I only get tired to fight... Sometimes fighters want to give up but finally find inner strength to go ahead...I saw the us film  about Mohammad Ali yesterday on Tv ....

I draw eyes  and write my pain under it and also a black flack...and i realize that loosing a friend can be hurtful...and that this drawing is my yelling my way to express my disgust... Paradoxically that was the only friend I have had in my town... I realize I didn't know that person deeply...I wanted to get real friendship but... We need to give and commitment to eachother...

I think also to another friend of mine she will live in Italy....and guess ever how could we be far friend like this...I want to let grow this friendship but....only with internet... It will be to me really hard (if you read this post we talked about the matter and I have the feeling to loose you too...)

I know that I have a problem how to let my friends go and doing their own experiences without me....time back to teenage days omg hard to remember such things......that was 10 years ago omg he'd to live as I was in that time we can change our inner character right?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Back :-)

I am back after a small break but I can say that I hate moquitos because my ankle hurt is red and I have to cure it with clay. Otherwise that was a good time :-).  I take pictures of dragonflies and butterflies in fields of my friends that was a delicious moment in the nature.

Maybe I will try to draw and paint a dragonfly I am not sure to mastering well But I will try :-)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Days off

Then Wenesday I won't be at home....and don't plan to take any technology with me... :) as we said pollution and addiction of the mind come from internet and so on holiday no comp no tab...only my digit cam the countryside good friends...and sun (ow I hope it won't rain... ) lovely time

I won't forget you when I will be back I will read all your comments :) don't hesitate to do that right? ;)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

SOC and Hope...

I have worked on the previous color poll of Kristin blog, it seems that...SOC new combo is sepia & sage color. I have worked with watercolor and postcard set (that come from Düsseldorf, Germany). I guess myself what can be green and sepia at the same time and I remember of some desaster trees which were cut by the past in some forest when I wandered as Kid so I decide to present you my cutting tree and some new Hope is bad, having hope let be more stronger...I say that to myself because I have nor problems with my accomodation in Hamburg and that won't be easy to find something but having hope is my optimistic way to be happy and not to stressful otherwise I will have back my stomach bugs and the pain is unbearable!

(sorry you've to turn your head !! I dunno why that don't work one more time!)

Bugs and Tummy

hi all,

to those who guess about my tummy, I get now better... ;) even I get stress I manage it better...
otherweise...I will be in holidays next week so... no posts till I come back I will you saying that :) I will be on countryside by friend but don't hesitate comment my page right I will moderate it when I will be back :) Picturize in perspective...painting maybe with one friend getting the privilege to sunbath and to swim in their swiming pool maybe also seeing seaside :)

but tomorrow I will do my SOC work :) I just guess which color combo we'll get
to today here is my last pictures and the one with flying bugs was not made on purpose... I was very surprise lol...the lotus and the bridge where taken last family was taking a picnic outside we prepare the caravan and though we eat local made rillette and paté yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiii ;)

and the sunlight :)

Happy sunday all!!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tab and co first work

I got tablet so I design this with a drawing app I hope you'll love it... I can't sleep because of our national day some makes fireworks outside

Somone told me that my first little me ™ that seems to be like doug cartoon? Are you agree? Lol I draw that without purppose just to get fun and that will continue to exist I just think of making a concept of it to you all viewers

By the way nor comments came on my blog I just want to say thank you to your appreciation, comments and helpful care I need all of you!!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Poetry and blog

Soften Pains
When people are giving up their dreams
When they get tears or fears
Good friend come to give you one hand
Or just hear you

Soften Pains
When you pray God to give you the patience
And the power to go ahead

Soften Pains
When you try to smile
When you try to feel comfort in life
While you think its over

Soften Pains
When you give without waiting something in return
When you get smile of a friend
When you ...begin to feel better 

A lil' bit advert to my poetic blog : writting in another way  
( I try to write in english...some people give me more confidence to use it !!)

19th century character

Walking by your side
Was my wish
But someone else get the place
So...I try to be free

(watercolor Daley and Rowney-Black Pilot fineliner-SOC Combo week 4)

In memory of the grand ma of my mum Alice

Ush ush Heat Art and Gardening :D

Waking up late today...It will be a hot day that is not really good but..this week we welcome in my town the tour de France (bike race...which is 100 years now) thrusday and friday so I can't go anywhere no bus no way to walk by this heat!

Otherweise I just pretend to be an artist but I have no ambition ALL YOUR COMMENTS make me go ahead like "the furious me" when I get encouraging thoughts...mum yiell that I am in computer too much she is right...but...I ever love to have a lot to do SOC give me the opportunity to create and to balance stress :)

So I want to introduce some flowers I get home thanks to my mum

Cactus flowers : RED SOC color

Orchidea :)

strawberrry flowers on my balcony (already get 4 straberries in preparation...huurrrray a yummi time in perspective :)!)...and I will take care of tomatoes :) hihi I have no garden but...just on my balcony all grow up and it is fantastic to me to care about nature!

Monday, 8 July 2013

A concept must be ...

Just read the comments :) which come today
Thank you to your nice reply
Yeas maybe I am more conceptual artist specially in paintings or drawings
But I want also that each one can interpret what I show here 
so to me a concept must be interpreted each time differently

Love is...

I dunno about love only that ...I don't like men behave as if I am an object that let me crazy...I become an old woman.....getting old let discover what you expect from your futur I don't really care if ...beeing single is weird... toward attitude we can find the right one... :)

My lyra pencils are on the left corner its brush and pencils at the same time watercolor is made possible...
that is my favorite tool, otherweise I also use my watercolor set but...I am not a master... or cray from Germany ...I try to do like my mum...Mum master watercolor  since she is young almost like other blog-friends... (ever seen her with a set and some paper as child)... I am sure...learning take time...
I am more a global artist, I love being multitasking not only in art...and I prefer Picasso Dali or Miro painting or drawing (they are all from Spain ^^)

By the way simply enjoying a good talk with mum (she is now in holidays) to the breakfast was decreasing my stomachache nor today.... that is really hurtful -.- I will do with all day long as far as I can...

Have a good day and a huge week all!

The SOC combo rock this week red let me think about love...I hope you can also find inspiration

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Extravert-Narcis W&B picture-When I get fear

When I get fears 
I think none can understand me
Even my relatives
I hide my black thoughts behind a huge wall
And fake to get well
Maybe though I lye 
But it is the only way to protect people
Of my bad feelings
Othersweise they can think I am fool

But it is my sensitivity!

As daddy say all time

It can be a good mean to understand the others but it has I have to balance that otherweise that isn't a power it can also be a weakness

I suffer today of stomachache -.- that is when I get too much stress :( not good but struggling against stress is surely to all mankind the hardest thing to do!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lack of paper not of creation

Yesterday, I check my paper's pile and oh god I just get 6 sheets :/ what that I really want to create something but ....without paper no drawings or paintings I gotta wait till tuesday .... :/ I want to spare 2 sheets to the combo color of monday SOCS challenge.... As I saw the idea of mixing color and words work pretty well... :) so I will go ahead to give you words over colors... I hope it will be a good combo...which can also give me idea to write :) also you viewers can be a source of inspiration :)

So a few words

Relieve your sorrows 
By the power to express yourself in Art

God give us Art 
To balance our life
Because He is The perfect artist

By the way to my muslims friends have good ramandhan or puasa all !

Friday, 5 July 2013

Holi-days :) sacred vacation :D

New I feel all in holidays I transport myself on Miami beach...just shut my eyes...and wup direction US...having trip... so coconut and a long drink...(I personnaly prefer Mojito) but...I draw a curaçao ^^ LOL using Lyra brush-pencils :) the real picture come asap... my student is on the room she is also a korean friend of mine preparing a french exam so... :) we get now a break...and we are talking...about french state exam like the A-level in the high school and of the history of her korean handy which has past a few time in water.

I have good news of a friend, she got a better mood and want to fight again. I really love comforting others when its necessary as I know that myself just an attention can be really comforting! My friends care of me...and I know that is important! 

(my introvert friend :) so happy you get better :) I feel your roaming and fighting spirit... :) from France ^^)

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Power to fight!

He gave me my hands to punch
To create, to handle with care

He gave me the power to create
To express my own feelings
When I am sad or happy

God give me 
That power which is endless

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Yielling in the desert or art against depression?

I just read a post in a blog I follow since a longtime...and I worry about what I read. I won't tell the name of the person...but she doubt about her accuracy in the world...due to depression. I have got depression early in my life...I fight not let it back...I feel myself very sensitive and I hate sensitivity which is not easy to tell others how you feel without beeing judge...when I got my first depression time... I react by writting I try to express myself by any mean and don't want to let bad feelings invading my mind...

(I want warm your heart even I don't know you... really...I know you'll read this... noway to answer just read my post that will make me happy to share with u )

People think they know me but I don't want to let them discover the real me...I act without saying nothing. I can hide bad feelings...sadness just want to tell sensitive people like me...that...they have the world... Never give up things you love the most and that let you be better or happier!

I dedicate also that post to my BBF sam.... I love you my sis'


Monday, 1 July 2013

SOC3 weeks 4 : Painting words and co 2

I love poetry
         Since I am 16
                        Now I try
                                   to mix paint and poetry...

Enjoy my new creation

(as you can see I would stay in June not getting july month :p)

Dedicate to dee dee ;) du bist ja wunderbar, ich bedanke mich bei dir dass du ein paar Hilfe mir gibst <3 ur ann'