Friday, 21 June 2013

Thought of friday : I am not a pessimist !

 (SOC's colors week2 ^^)

Read articles about frenchies fellows who are worried about their way to compete as part of a globalization.
By results in class, they already show their reluctance to learn in general. THE NO FUTUR class is now surpassed by another one the leisure class, having fun all time drinking partying all week and weekend ...

Personally I am from "an old generation" and I feel plaisure in what I do to the others. The way to transmit the art you possess make you happy...more than receiving or doing things without meaning. I try to stay competitive  and the way to be competitivite is to be open to the world, having experience abroad and my job will let me travel a lot over world (beeing single right now let me say that maybe the futur will be different)...but want to settle first in EUROPE more precisely in Germany.

 SO I guess myself why I am not pessimist like my felows from FRANCE x) maybe because...I were going through bad things earlier...then now I want to let me life feel alive and to let the people around me finding... joy hapiness and  power to fight!

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