Thursday, 20 June 2013

Inspiration comes from ours creativity

As I read the last comment of a friend on her blog saying...keep doing art! I was specially touched by her message... (LLY THKS A LOT!)

I just guess...why talking about cliché can be for some reasons not good to some people. I am personnally a futur french teacher for foreigners...abroad...I know exactly the problem. Facing for a lot of reason the endless kidding about frenchies...their habits and so On. So decided to speak with my pencils about one of the cliché I heard the most...why are you not loving so much english? What did you prefer going in Germany?
Why do you choose an hard language as german?

My next drawing will talk about that...I promise to tell the truth about what I am feeling inside what the word cliché can mean to me...what is the real meaning of this behavior...and why people could not stop to do one image I will try DOUBLE challenge... ^^ soc and mine...

Don't worry if my projects hurt you just let me know it right I don't want to hurt anyone...and keep a good understanding of eachother will stay my priority.

For instance I need the creativity of everyone...even you are not agree with me ;)

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