Sunday, 30 June 2013

Painting words and co

I do that work 
because sometimes I don't feel acurate
in this world as woman 
(only sometimes when I get blues)

Blogging, reading posts of the others
just remind me that I love my oldest friends

Some complain about their age
one told me the right thing 
don't care of the age
only of what your really are inside

I think that creativity is a part of the inside beauty
Art is beauty
Art come from creativity
People can't define your inner strengths
when they check your look  

Looking after the perfect body
or looking someone with judgement is ridiculous
we are all getting old one day!

I get enough of those who can't see the inside strengths
of the others what they are what they realize they are not superficial at all

Artists are sensitive and love checking the beauty of the things they see!

To you lly 


  1. So much poetry, wisdom and encouragement in this post...and the colors you use, so strong and yet the message is tender. Beautiful work, btw, in first image.

  2. That was made thinking of you ;) ...amazingly a lot viewers love mixed painting and words :)

    decoding the colors:

    red to give birth
    yellow to joy will and optimism..... :)