Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Starting now!

Hi all,
thank you following me yeeah.

The french me will be please to release its secret work...i write a lot but I discover the joy of drawing when I was 3...then about 23 years ago and I want to submit my work to you. I don't find myself acurate as drawer or painter I just do it like a hobby, distracting me of the boring life and make me near to my mum in a way.

I participate at that time to a worldwide project launch by
and I do the challenge happily due to the challenge of color. I am myself more expressive with color than in drawing....

I was inspire by a US friend...I followed now since ... a longtime...and I say me that I will share with her a lot as she do almost because she do such an artwork.
(thank you to your support LLY :)!!)

I will add the logo of the challenge as soon as I finish the post and will let you see my work of the week :).
(my work is talking about US-French relations...I guess why we talk about capital instead of the whole land NY-Paris challenge pink-orange...lets see yeah^^)

See u yeah!

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