Tuesday, 8 July 2014

soc 4 nerd house and co

I'm nerd currently don't want to see anyone ! The combo colors of this week to SOC reflect all what I feel strongly feel. Pain anger... Well bad feelings :-( ...I accept that like a common fact as I am highly sensitive or hypersensitive.

I try to be creative forgetting all have to do and which are my burdens !

I imagine a rainy day  I have to be back home the threshold is wett ...I run...I am in uff got some rain...I hate my glasses full of drops . That is what I imagine with the color of this week.

"I wanna go through the storm till the doorway push the door and go inside "

Sia-dressed in black

I was hoping there was more then you walked in the door for me
Yeah, I was hiding and you let the light in and now I see
As a jewel for the wounded, what they couldn't see till you set them free
Like a butterfly kissing a child with an eye for the mind of a key


  1. Very sweet. Colors look great!

  2. Cleverly done I think. Your words are keen. :o)

  3. Obviously these colors fit what you are going through. Red and blue! Feel better soon.

  4. These are emotional colors, so I understand how they would affect you. Your art is gorgeous, though.

  5. thoughtful abstract interptretation!

  6. Beautiful interpretation of this week's colour combination. Take care.

  7. Such a beautiful and creative way to used this week's soc colors! I love your poem, too!

    1. It isnt a real poem more a thought to go...the other part is a part of a song from Australian singer SIA ...

  8. I really liked this, it has a quietness about it even though its about a storm. I love it!