Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I want to be back to Berlin so....soc 2014 week1

Let me tell you that suddenly got the idea to draw about Berlin city the temple of the wall. I was there in winter 2010 I got back pictures like this

With my daddy ♥ behind Fulvio Pinna's work " Hymn to joy"
In  winter 2010

Freedom's chains memorial

So that inspired my week one to soc :-) 

Fulvio Pinna worked on the wall himself and wrote this:

"I painted over the wall of shame
So freedom is ashamed no more.

Hell ruled too many years
Until people choose the light.

I put my faith in you BERLIN
And give to you my colors bright."

My work is a mixed of the two pictures blow.;

I want to go back there but life give me lemons so I try to do limonade!

Update 14/06/2014


  1. Great job with the drawing. Interlocking curved shapes such as those are hard to draw!!

  2. Perhaps one day you will go back. In the meantime, very nice creation. Happy SOC!

  3. What you can imagine you can achieve, in art as in life. Thanks for your post.

  4. Great story behind your SOC submission. Also I love love love your blog header photo!

  5. I love how you recreated this in the Summer of color theme :)

  6. waoh this my girl !! continue to fight for your dreams my dear, by means of Art ! I am sure you're gonna go back there in Berlin, it is just a matter of time ... as for us, we've just arrived from Italy ciao a presto

  7. Thks a lot all! I really miss this city and my friends there :'(

    I was there in winter as usual when I go to Germany O:-) !

  8. Very nice blogpost and something different in your art for SOC.

  9. what a beautiful remembrance for the SOC challenge. Wishing you lots of lemonade!!

  10. Beautiful work of art! I love your inspiration for this! Your photos from Berlin are amazing. I just love the way you used the SOC colors!

  11. Wonderful inspiration for you SOC-piece. Thanks for the reference to Fulvio Pinna. I didn't know him, but now I've looked up his work and I love it.

  12. I made a mistake it fulvio pinna B-)

  13. Photos are amazing. Freedom Chains Memorial. wow!

  14. Amazing story behind your work!