Thursday, 12 September 2013

what the matter if....

Today I really wanted to enjoy my own body that was not really accurate, I was so stressful ...I have almost slept in the bus the noise of people talking was unbearable.
I am at that extremely sensitive and soo angious...but I wanted to draw something...and that is this.

Tomorrow meeting a new person , corean woman who need my help with her master work in French that is the best thing I can have that time :-) :-) really great big challenge one more I will add that "correction of master work Art therapy" on my CV :-).

Moving around :-) now I feel me more accurate to be useful to someone:-) .


  1. Awe, you will be a wonderful help to that woman! Good luck to you both - and keep creating when you have time - this is so lovely!
    Thank you too for your sweet comment today - you really made me smile! xoxo